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About Janet.

Janet Featherstone

Janet is the founder of the Greatness Strategies, which is a brand of In2Great.

The question of how to achieve greatness is something that Janet has been fixated with for a number of years. Why is it that some people have a real sense of satisfaction and greatness with their life and work, whilst others feel unfilfilled and unrealised. 

Janet has studied how results are achieved through more than 2 000 hours of coaching, many hours of formal study, and discretionary time in reading, listening and learning on the topic.

This journey has led Janet to complete The Greatness Strategies book, aimed at Executives and business owners, which includes 7 strategies that - when applied - will lead to a life and business or career that feels fulfilled and actualised.

Through Greatness Strategies, Janet works with Executives and Business owners who are ready to play a bigger game and want to reignite their passion and unleash their greatness, through setting and achieving audacious life and business goals.  This tranformation is delivered through 6- and 12-month programs, and an inner circle for clients who want to continue on their accelerated journey.

Janet also provides coaching services (ie pure coaching, not programs) through In2Great, where Janet helps executives and business owners uplevel themselves to next level their business. 

Greatness - or success - means different things to different people, depending not only on the stage of their life, but also conditions within them.  Building million dollar businesses may mean success to some. For some, greatness may involve accessing the emotions of joy and happiness, even whilst outward success is evident.  For others who may have experienced illness, the simple act of functioning for a day may be a significant accomplishment.  Greatness is therefore a very personal journey.

This is why Janet wrote another mini-book, The Greatness Ladder, which helps people traverse a 7-step ladder from struggle to successs.  This book is designed to be an action-plan, aimed to help people take a step by step approach towards greatness.  This book is available free - grab your copy here.

If you haven't already joined the Greatness Tribe Facebook Group, here's the link.  Janet invests a lot of time building this community and sharing coaching and content with members, so that this year, and every year going forward can be the greatest year yet!  Hope to see you there!

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