Greatness is a system, not a secret! 

 January 17, 2021

By  Janet Featherstone

Greatness Strategies

Why is it that some people achieve moderate success, whilst others achieve legendary results?  Are those who we may deem highly successful highly intelligent, significantly gifted or simply lucky?

Through the process of achieving success in corporate early in my career, graduating with an MBA, investing the past 10+ years working with high-performing executives, being exposed to a high-level of thinking in my role at a global top-50 business school, and being in a committed partnership with a former Royal Marine, I’ve become convinced that greatness is a system, not a secret reserved for the elite.  Through following a series of steps and actions, which I outline in detail in the book, The Greatness Strategies, greatness is accessible to all.

The Greatness Strategies consolidate my learning and experience into a 7-step system.  Each step in the system is cumulative, allowing benefitting stacking, creating greater leverage as each step is completed.

The Greatness Strategies are not something that are merely completed once.  As we step into the next level of our life and business, we need to operate at that heightened level.  This requires the next iteration of the Greatness Strategies.  Greatness therefore becomes a journey – but not a destination.

As we step into the next level of our life and business, we need to operate at that level, which requires the next iteration of the 7 Greatness Strategies.

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Step 1:  Strategic Greatness

The first step is about setting audacious business and life goals.  Without a clear end-goal, distraction, circular journeys and lack of mastery provide diminished results and a life and career of mediocrity. 

Setting goals is an easy task.  Developing a goal that is so strong that it pulls you in its direction is the higher-level practice and what we strive to achieve in Step 1. 

Step 2:  Personal Greatness

What are the trips, triggers, beliefs and habits that keep you stuck where you are? What are the saboteurs that arrive, when you are just at the brink of success, that scuttle or hamper your efforts?  You cannot expect to masterfully lead large and successful organisations until and unless you can master yourself.  Your life and business only get better when you get better.  

What you need to master will be impacted by the direction you chose in Step 1.  If you chose to become an Executive in the corporate world, you need a skill set.  If you chose to become an Entrepreneur, the skill set you need is different.  No question there are overlaps, but the differences are significant.  The direction you chose speaks to the skillset and the mindset you need to master in order to successfully achieve your goal.

Step 3:  Productivity Greatness

So, now that your goal is clear and you are stepping into an increasingly better version of yourself, productivity becomes your next focus.  You need to know exactly what needs to be done to move yourself forward towards your goal – and to get it done.  And this is where a lot of people and businesses struggle.  There is a tendency to get caught up in busy-work and neglect to do the work that delivers the outcome you seek. That's why the Greatness Strategies uses a 7-Step Productivity Greatness system to deliver accelerated results.

Step 4: Leadership Greatness

Leadership is an extremely broad topic, and in this instance means that you cultivate the ability to get people to buy into your goal and to move them forward in its attainment.  It speaks to the ability to form and build high-performing teams and enable and inspire people to do their part so the whole is successfully delivered.

As we become elevated in our careers, our own technical skill set becomes less relevant.  Our leadership toolkit becomes critical.

As we become elevated in our careers, our own technical skill set becomes less relevant.  Our leadership toolkit becomes critical.

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Step 5: Visibility Greatness

This section focuses on becoming visible so that your ideal clients can find you and buy your products or services.  Many businesses fail because its leaders hide behind their computers and in their executive suite.  True leaders create positive visibility for themselves and their organisations, including connecting with customers to stay honed on what the market wants and needs. 

Step 6: Learning Greatness

Without consistently expanding your knowledge and applying what you’ve learned into your life and business, both stagnate and competitive advantage wanes.  You must make the time to get off the dance floor and onto the balcony so a different and richer perspective can be achieved.  This is one of the key reasons why coaching is so valuable; by its very nature it invites a balcony-level viewpoint.

Step 7: Innovation Greatness

We are in a world that doesn’t stand still.  There is a real demand for innovation in what we do and how we do it.  Lack of innovation means stagnation. 

Just as people can no longer rely on a single income stream, organisations cannot rely on their biggest income streams indefinitely.  We’ve witnessed significant disruption to business practices and offerings, and so organisations – and us as individuals – must consider how prepared we are for a disrupted future. 

What would your business do if your highest-revenue or highest-profit line was significantly disrupted within the next 6 months?  Equally, what would you do if your job was replaced by automation within the next year?  The context in which we live today suggests that neither of these propositions are impossible and must be considered in the next iteration of the Greatness Strategies.


Greatness is achieved through this series of strategies.  As we circle through each strategy again and again, we deepen our mastery within it and thus our results that flow from it.  

So what step could you take towards your own greatness today?

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Janet Featherstone

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Janet Featherstone

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