Your life gets better when you get better 

 January 18, 2021

By  Janet Featherstone

Greatness Strategies - skillset and mindset

There is a reason that you have not yet achieved the level of greatness that you may be seeking . . . and that reason is you.  You will next level your life and businesses/career when you up-level yourself.

We overlook the fact that success has a far greater link to internal work than it does to the external world.

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How many times have you blamed external circumstances for your situation?  Many of us externalise our woes, challenges and failures.  We overlook the fact that success has a far greater link to internal work than it does to the external world!

Whilst circumstances may be very real, they don’t necessarily have to form part of our personal and business realities.  For example, between March and December 2020, Elon Musk’s net worth increased by 524%.1  The 614 Billionaires across the world and in particular in the US grew their net worth by a collective $931 billion.2  This proves that there is money to be had and success to be gained even in the worst of times. 

Whether your achieve greatness depends as much on your skillset as it does on your mindset.

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Whether you achieve greatness depends as much on your skillset as it does on your mindset.  Whilst others may see challenges, billionaires have wired themselves to look for opportunity.  And without doubt, you find what you seek.

Yet, the greatness we seek may be different for each of us.  Building billion dollar businesses may be the furthest thing from greatness for some, yet be the essence of it for others. For some, being a great parent and raising wonderful children is real greatness.  For others, building a business that provides for a home and food for our family is greatness.  For others, saving homeless dogs may be what greatness is all about.  

Whatever greatness means for you, how can you wire yourself for greatness and achieve the goals you set for yourself?  There are two very broad categories that we can evaluate.


The first is skillset.  Skillset speaks to the toolkit that you have at your disposal. Maslow (1966) highlighted that if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  We cannot apply the same thinking to the same problem and expect different results. 

To take ourselves and our careers/businesses to the next level, our knowledge needs to be expanding rapidly and consistently.  This is likely best achieved through a combination of formal education and reading quality information regularly.  But, the magic is in application. 

Learning is when behaviour changes.  Until then, it is simply theory.  I love Bruce Lee’s quote of To do is to know.  Not to do is not to know.  Knowledge becomes embedded in the process of doing.  And once we’re doing something consistently, and building new habits in the process, we’re on the road to greatness.


The second category is mindset and it is as vast as skillset, and perhaps even more impactful along the journey to greatness.

Mindset can be discovered by asking powerful questions such as ‘do you believe you are deserving of success?’. 'What do you do that sabotages your progression towards greatness?'  'What habits do you have that don’t serve you?'  'What do you knowingly or unknowingly do that disables the support of others?'  'Do you take on more work than you can possibly complete?'  'Do you allow others to overstep boundaries and then become resentful of the result?'

Success is not created through a handful of big decisions.  Rather, we move closer or further away from our desired destination through the thousands of micro-decisions that we make.  The foundation upon which these decisions are made speak to our mindset.

If you want to be in the best physical shape of your life, the resulting action requires daily exercise and high-nutrient food that nourishes your physical wellbeing. The decision to drink a fizzy drink and further indulge in processed sugars is a micro decision that significantly delays or perhaps prevents altogether the result being sought.

Be mindful of your actions and what impact they are having today and will have in the future.  Do more of the actions that deliver the results you are seeking and modify the behaviours that result in frustrations and challenges.

Is it easy? Of course not.  But it isn’t difficult either.  Greatness requires awareness of cause and effect.  You want to be at the effect of cause, not at the mercy of it.  And you want to appreciate that often the impact of your decisions is not evident in the short-term.  Our long-term health habits become truly visible in our later years when we reap the consequences of a lifetime of micro decisions.


So, in conclusion, greatness is grown through a combination of skillset and mindset. If you’re looking to next level your life, you need to understand what tools to add to your toolbox, and what mindset will be required to step into your elevated level.  Greatness is an evolutionary process.  Each time we move our life and business up a level, we need to match that level in skillset and mindset.

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So what step could you take towards your own greatness today?

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